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Rep. Peters to Help Archive Stories of SD Vets in Library of Congress

SAN DIEGO – Authorized by Congress in 2000, the Veterans History Project gives men and women who have served the opportunity to share their important histories with future generations by recording them and having them archived at the Library of Congress.

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) announced a plan to make it easier for San Diego veterans to participate by facilitating the interviews directly through his San Diego District Office in University City.

At the announcement, held in front of the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park, Peters was joined by local veterans’ community leaders, including a World War II veteran who has been able to participate in the program.

“Today, San Diego is home to over 110,000 active-duty military service members and over 230,000 veterans,” Rep. Peters said. “This rich history and presence is why I’m announcing this morning that my office will now make it easier for local veterans to participate in the Congressional Veterans History Project.”

Peters continued, “The project archives accounts of America’s war veterans so future generations may hear their stories and better understand the realities of war. It is a great opportunity for San Diego to show its continued support and commitment to those who have served.”

Starting today, Rep. Peters’ San Diego staff will be helping to conduct interviews and document the stories of veterans from all eras to be preserved for future generations.

Veterans who want to participate should contact Rep. Peters San Diego District Office at 858-455-5550 or sign up on his website.

Veterans can be interviewed in multiple formats, based on national guidelines, including original unedited video and audio recordings, and they can also submit photographs, letters, diaries, journals, military documents, two-dimensional artworks, maps, and unpublished memoirs.

For more information, interested veterans should visit, sign up here, or call 858-455-5550.