Plan for a Prosperous Future

September 10, 2014

University City Newsletter, September 2014


Plan for a Prosperous Future

San Diego is still recovering from one of the toughest recessions in America’s history. That’s why growing the economy and fostering an atmosphere for job creation must be the number one priority of Congress. It is mine.

I’m focused on areas where San Diego is already leading the way and can set an example for the rest of the country. We’re fortunate that so many innovative companies and research institutions call San Diego home. According to the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, the innovation economy already employs 138,000 people. And, last year, San Diego’s institutions won $785 million in National Institutes of Health awards – 24 percent of California’s total.

Since taking office in January 2013, I’ve toured over 100 companies, research labs, and universities and have heard directly from business leaders and their employees about what Congress can do to grow the economy and create jobs. I’ve hosted roundtables and symposia with community leaders from BIOCOM, the San Diego EDC, CONNECT, UC San Diego, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce and CleanTECH San Diego, to discuss how Washington can support San Diego’s scientific and innovation economy. I’ve also brought leaders from Washington — including Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer and a representative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — to showcase how San Diego’s collaborative culture among businesses, universities, and government can be a model for Washington.

We have seen what happens when we work together. On the federal level, last year the whole San Diego delegation worked together to secure funding to finish phase 2 of the San Ysidro Port of Entry – imagine what we could do if the two parties in the entire Congress started really working together. Congress has many pressing issues from tax reform to immigration reform that need to be addressed and I hope to see more members leaving partisanship at the door and putting the country first. I hope you will read my full plan on growing San Diego’s economy available at