In the News

UC San Diego Extension’s Leslie Bruce, host of “The Pulse: Issues in Healthcare,” has scheduled an especially notable guest for her monthly podcast.

On Thursday, Aug. 14, at 10 am, her guest will be Rep. Scott Peters, (D-Calif.).

“Congressman Peters has been in the forefront of the national healthcare debate, both regionally and in Washington,” said Bruce, co-director of Extension’s Healthcare Delivery and Behavioral Sciences. “At a time when so much about Obamacare is changing so quickly, he’s certain to provide keen insight and perspective on the future of healthcare.”

On his website, Peters states: “Healthcare in America needs to be accessible and affordable for everyone. I was not a member of Congress when it passed the Affordable Care Act, and while the law is an important step in fixing decades-old problems with our health care system, it remains a work in progress.

 “Opponents of the law have made dozens of politically motivated and fruitless attempts to repeal the law which have gone and will continue to go nowhere. Repeal is not the answer. A more productive approach, and one that I am fully committed to, is to make constructive changes needed to make it work.

“That’s why I have repeatedly supported changes proposed by both parties to fix the new law and make it better.”

Rep. Peters serves California’s 52nd Congressional District, which includes the cities of Coronado, Poway, and most of northern San Diego, including UC San Diego’s health sciences campus east of I-5.

An expert in healthcare and public policy, Bruce currently serves as Extension instructor for Politics and Public Policy of US Healthcare: Washington, DC and Introduction to US Healthcare. She also lectures in the Health Law and Policy master’s degree program and in the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program.