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SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) welcomed Rep. John Delaney (MD-06) to San Diego for a roundtable event that discussed Delaney’s signature legislation, H.R. 2084 – the “Partnership to Build America Act,” and their joint efforts promoting a national infrastructure strategy and comprehensive tax reform. Attendees included dozens of regional business leaders.

“This forward-thinking, bipartisan effort is a big step forward, would benefit communities like ours across the country, and should be passed into law,” Rep. Peters said. “Our local, regional, and national economy will only run at its full potential if we upgrade our infrastructure and improve our transportation networks. San Diego knows better than many how important a functioning infrastructure is to local economic growth and competitiveness. I’m proud to have Congressman Delaney here to share this effort with San Diego and have him hear about our region’s problem-solving style.”

“Rebuilding our infrastructure should be our top economic priority: it creates jobs in the short-term and helps our businesses compete globally in the long-term,” said Rep. Delaney. “In an era of divided government, we have to find bipartisan solutions that take good ideas from both sides and from the public and private sectors. The Partnership to Build America Act is the largest piece of bipartisan jobs legislation in Congress, because a stronger infrastructure means a stronger economy, because it is an idea that pencils out. I thank Congressman Peters for partnering with me on this legislation: from the very beginning he’s been a cosponsor of this bill, helping to build support. In today’s Washington, it’s often easier to retreat to one’s own party, rather than find common ground, but we have to keep pushing forward to do the right thing for the country.”

Both Peters and Delaney are active members of the New Democrat Coalition, a group of 55 Democratic Members of Congress focused on expanding the economy through entrepreneurship, fiscal responsibility, and innovative policy approaches. Peters also has been vocal in calling for comprehensive tax reform that simplifies the code and reduces confusion for business and individual filers as a pathway to American competitiveness and economic growth.

Background on the “Partnership to Build America Act”

H.R. 2084 would establish an independent American Infrastructure Fund aimed at rebuilding our country’s infrastructure through loans and loan guarantees to state and local governments. It would be funded by repatriating overseas earnings through one-time 50-year bonds and would not require any taxpayer investment or increase in the national debt. Further, it is the first infrastructure financing bill introduced in the House of Representatives in the last 15 years that has garnered bipartisan support. Rep. Delaney introduced the legislation in May 2013 with Rep. Peters as a supporter from day one.

More information on H.R. 2084 can be seen on Rep. Delaney’s website here.

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