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Congress wants to hear from tomorrow's innovative leaders today.

That's why representatives have launched the first annual "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math" -- or "STEM" competition for high school students. San Diego Democratic Congressman Scott Peters, who's among those participating in the national event, spoke with KPBS "Morning Edition's" Deb Welsh about the competition, nicknamed the "House App Contest."

Scott Peters: So high school students in my district have the opportunity to show innovation and creativity by creating a mobile device app and to bring it to our attention, and then we'll pick a winner.

Deb Welsh: Is the contest limited to your district here in San Diego County only?

Peters: Each member of congress is able to participate so I'm putting one on in my district which is the 52nd District, roughly from La Jolla to Coronado to Poway. Susan Davis is also doing it and Darrell Issa is doing it. Each district that participates will pick winner.

Welsh:Why would you say San Diego lends itself to this kind of competition?

Peters: San Diego is a center of innovation and science. With the military and tourism it's the main driver for our economy.

The House App Contest is open to all high school students in participating districts. The competition submission deadline is April 30. More information about the contest can be found at Rep. Peters' web site or