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Congressman Peters' Statement on Continuing Resolution Amendments

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after voting early this morning on several amendments to the Senate-amended H.J.Res. 59, the proposal to fund the government past September 30.

“The American people are looking to Congress to lead, and the institution is failing them. Instead of finding a way to keep the government open and people at work, the House wasted precious time adding two amendments that are not supported by the President or the majority of the Senate, which means they're going nowhere.

“The President and Senate leaders have made it clear they will not consider anything other than a continuation of government funding that is unencumbered by politics. For us to make any progress, Republican leadership will have to stand up to the Tea Party that is holding it hostage and come up with solutions that keep Americans at work and get us out of this govern-by-crisis mentality.

“I voted for the amendment to repeal the medical device tax because I strongly support its repeal. This excise tax hinders innovation in health care that leads to cost savings in the long run and hurts a significant sector of San Diego's economy. I would much prefer if we would be able to vote for this repeal separate from the continuing resolution. Attaching amendments that threaten the shutdown of America's government is a lousy way to pass good laws. I'll continue to fight to keep America at work and to support a bipartisan plan to fix pieces of the ACA that need fixing, including the repeal of this nonsensical tax."