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SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) honored his commitment to donating to charity the pay he earned during the government shutdown. Prior to a tour of the Turk Family Center, he presented a check to the Jewish Family Service (JFS) of San Diego for their University City Older Adult Center, helping to pay for the meals it serves to area seniors.

“It is an honor to see an organization like JFS at work here in my district,” Congressman Peters said. “Food insecurity is impacting families across San Diego and I’m proud to support the comprehensive, wraparound services JFS and others are providing to combat hunger, especially among the population of older adults who are often living on a fixed income.”

The University City Older Adult Center operates at Congregation Beth Israel and had nearly 3,000 visits last year. In addition to meal services, the center offers programs geared toward older members of the community, including those facing financial instability or declining health.

In addition, the Congressman and members of his staff boxed up meals for the Hand Up Youth Pantry, which provides food distribution services and case management to individuals and families facing hunger across San Diego County. Hand Up distributes supplemental food to anyone in need, including military families and those adversely impacted by cuts to SNAP benefits, which the Congressman opposed numerous times this year.

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