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Congressman Peters Launches "National Entrepreneurs' Day"

Highlights America’s Innovators, Small Business Owners in Today’s Top DC Twitter Trend

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) led the effort to highlight his resolution, H.Res. 401, designating the third Tuesday in November as "National Entrepreneurs' Day."  The resolution highlights the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners and those starting new ventures across the country. The inspiration for the resolution came in response to the passing of San Diego innovator Duane Roth earlier this year. Recently, the City and County of San Diego both passed resolutions honoring Duane and establishing days to honor local entrepreneurs.

“The United States has been the global leader in innovation over the past century thanks to the optimistic and adventurous spirit of American entrepreneurs,” Congressman Peters said. “Today, on National Entrepreneurs' Day, we’re sending a message to those wanting to start a new venture that Congress is serious about fostering an economic environment that supports them. Whether through comprehensive immigration reform or a serious look at our nation’s corporate tax code, it’s time we got to work making America the best place to start and build a new venture again.

“The San Diego community lost a huge advocate for innovation and basic scientific research with Duane’s passing this year. I am proud to have introduced this resolution that works to ensure that our country stays competitive in the increasingly global economy.”

Congressman Peters had an opinion piece on The Huffington Post this morning about his commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and innovation as a way to keep the United States globally competitive. It can be read here:

Further, as part of the effort, Congressman Peters led a tweet-up with members of Congress, innovators and entrepreneurs around the country, and industry stakeholders, that for a portion of the afternoon was the top trending topic in the Washington, D.C., area. Visit @RepScottPeters or click #EntrepreneursDay to see more of the discussion online.


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