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Rep. Peters’ Statement on Vote to End Shutdown, Avert Default

WASHINGTON, DC – Late this evening, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) released the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 2775, the bipartisan solution that ends the sixteen-day-old government shutdown and averts a default on the national debt, which passed the House 285-144:

“The bipartisan, reasonable solution that I voted for tonight is what Americans expect Congress to produce on a much more regular basis,” Congressman Peters said. “There was never any reason to use a government shutdown or the threat of default as leverage for policy.

“I was encouraged that the Senate leaders worked in a bipartisan way to put Americans back to work and assure that we will pay our bills. Further, I’m glad that Speaker Boehner brought that agreement to the floor where it passed in a bipartisan manner – something he could have done with a clean continuing resolution two weeks ago to avoid this irresponsible situation. San Diegans expect problem-solving from their leaders, not reckless political games.

“One part of the agreement provides something I have been asking for all year – a budget conference between the House and Senate.  I hope that we will now use this opportunity to stop the games and pass a budget for America that reduces wasteful spending, maintains a strong national defense, provides a basic and sustainable safety net, cuts our national debt, and funds the national investments we need to keep America competitive into the next century.”