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Congressman Peters Joins Colleagues in Move to End Shutdown

Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) joined with nearly 200 of his Democratic colleagues to sign a petition calling on Speaker Boehner to bring a ‘clean’ continuing resolution, which would fund the whole government and end the shutdown, to the floor for a vote. The Senate has passed a clean continuing resolution and the President has signaled that he would sign it.

“This irresponsible shutdown has gone on far too long,” Congressman Peters said. “San Diegans are hurting because of Congress’ inability to work together for a bipartisan solution. Combined with the sequester, our regional economy is being undermined and our long-term competitiveness undercut. A clean continuing resolution would pass if the Speaker allowed a vote.

“With the debt ceiling deadline coming quickly, and our economic future at risk, it is time to quit the political gamesmanship, reopen the government, and then have substantive discussions to cut wasteful spending and get our national debt under control.”

The discharge petition that Congressman Peters signed is a special congressional procedure that, if signed by a majority of House Members, bypasses Speaker Boehner and forces an up or down vote.