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May 12, 2017

Dear Friend,

Last week, the House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act in a last-ditch effort to score political points, at the expense of millions of Americans. Over the last two months, I watched my colleagues rush a bill to a vote, enact last minute changes, hide the content from Americans, and deny other Members of Congress the opportunity to engage in a debate that would actually improve our health care system. 

I want you to know I fought for San Diegans along the way:


Rep. Peters expressing concern over cost and coverage

I was there for the 27 hour meeting in the Energy and Commerce Committee after the first version of the health care bill was released and recklessly pushed through in only a few days

We still didn't know how much the bill cost or how many stood to lose coverage, so I urged my colleagues to allow experts and interest groups to weigh in before we voted.

Scott speaks with Wolf Blitzer


I sat down with CNN's Wolf Blitzer after the first vote was cancelled and recapped the meeting in the Energy and Commerce CommitteeI shared my frustrations over the lack of bipartisanship that left us with a bill opposed by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and just about everyone because it would make the problems in our healthcare system worse, not better.


The next week, the Congressional Budget Office released a report that found 24 million Americans would lose coverage under the health care bill and that out-of-pocket costs would rise, especially for San Diego seniors.  

CBO Report

Rep. Peters Leads 95 Colleagues to Demand New CBO Score on Republican Healthcare Changes

Rep. Peters led 95 Members of Congress on a letter urging Speaker Ryan to allow CBO to report on the bill before a vote. 

Working Across the Aisle

Rep. Peters urged his colleagues to oppose the bill, and instead, work together on real health care reforms.