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The Bipartisan Fiscal Forum (BFF) is a group of like minded congressmembers dedicated to sounding the alarm about our nation’s unsustainable debt trajectory and working together to get control of our fiscal future. The group’s mission is to elevate the debt Issue with their colleagues and the public while providing members of Congress with opportunities to improve the fiscal policy debate in Congress. The group began informally in 2020 and since then has engaged in bipartisan collaboration to put forward ideas that address our growing debt and exploding interest costs. In total more than 70 current members of Congress have participated in BFF activities.

What We Believe

  1. Debt costs threaten our collective future. The federal government is projected to borrow more than $20 trillion over the coming decade, with associated interest costs inhibiting our ability to prepare for and address 21st century challenges. Net interest payments on this debt will total more than $10 trillion over this timeframe, more than we will spend on Medicaid or defense. America increasingly spends more to finance the decisions of the past than investing in the next generation. For example, this year we’ll spend more on interest than we do on children, with interest payments on track to be the largest line item in the budget by 2050.
  1. Durable solutions need bipartisan support. Achieving a sustainable budget and improving the budget process durably requires bipartisanship and an open mind. By working together, we can implement solutions with the staying power to meaningfully improve our fiscal outlook over time.
  1. Members should focus on putting forward solutions and not tearing each other down. It is all too easy and common for lawmakers to attack each other’s proposals without putting forward their own plans to address our country’s fiscal problems. In the spirit of building trust and finding common ground, BFF participants should not attack each other but instead put forward their ideas for debate.

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