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Congressman Peters & Bipartisan ‘No Labels’ Unveil Reform Package

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) joined more than 70 members of Congress – Republicans & Democrats – to unveil a major legislative package designed to make government more efficient and effective, and to reduce wasteful spending. In a large scale event on the Capitol Lawn, Rep. Peters and dozens of House and Senate members announced a nine-bill-package called ‘Make Government Work.’

“There are so many common sense reforms we can enact that will save taxpayer money and reform the way we do business in Washington,” Congressman Peters said. “But none of these happen without the support from both sides of the aisle and both Chambers; that’s why this package of reforms is so significant and unique.”

Rep. Peters continued, “I think we can all agree that the best ideas usually come from outside Washington, and Americans deserve a Congress that works. We need a forum to share the ideas we’ve heard from the people back home in a collaborative, cooperative way. No Labels gives us that forum.”

The legislative package was unveiled as part of the No Labels event today on the Capitol Lawn and was featured on SiriusXM. Bills included address cutting government waste by consolidating duplicative federal programs, merging Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs electronic health records, and making ‘No Budget, No Pay’ permanent.

With today’s event, Congressman Peters recommitted himself to reducing the federal budget deficit through strategic, targeted cuts and getting Congress moving in a bipartisan fashion again. This week he will also be introducing the ‘Stop Paying Something for Nothing Act,’ which reduces waste as identified by the Government Accountability Office.


More information on the nine-bill-package is available here.

See Congressman Peters speaking at the event:

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See Congressman Peters' Interview from today on KUSI about the event:

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