Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

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Press Releases

Aug 27, 2013 Press Release
Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) and Congresswoman Susan Davis (CA-53) joined together to host a workshop for local nonprofit arts and culture organizations on how to maximize their potential for acquiring federally funded grants.
Aug 21, 2013 Press Release
Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) announced that his San Diego office, working in conjunction with the House of Representatives Wounded Warrior Fellows Program, has brought on Timothy Caudill as a Field Representative.
Aug 19, 2013 Press Release
SAN DIEGO, CA – Today, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) and Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD-05) joined with local business and education leaders to highlight the ways Congress can support the nation’s scientific and innovation economy. The event raised awareness on how Washington, D.C., and Congress can encourage job growth in one of San Diego’s signature economic arenas.
Aug 8, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Late last week, Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) introduced a resolution to highlight the increasingly innovative teaching methods being seen across San Diego and the country.
Aug 5, 2013 Press Release
SAN DIEGO -- Today, Congressman Scott Peters issued the following statement regarding the death of his friend, Duane Roth, CEO of CONNECT San Diego
Aug 5, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) joined 38 Members of the moderate, pro-growth New Democrat Coalition to issue an ultimatum to Speaker John Boehner: introduce a comprehensive, bipartisan bill to fix the nation’s broken immigration system by September 30 or the New Dems will move forward on their own.
Aug 2, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Peters released the following statement regarding his vote against H.R. 2009, the ‘Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act,’ that would have barred the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from enforcing or implementing the Affordable Care Act.
Aug 2, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Peters announced that he will visit Israel beginning next week as part of a congressional delegation of 37 Members of Congress. The policy driven trip will provide the opportunity for Rep. Peters to hear from various perspectives on the complex situations in the Middle East, just as official peace talks get underway again between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.
Jul 31, 2013 Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Peters (CA-52) joined with his colleagues in the House of Representatives to pass a bipartisan compromise that will lower student loan interest rates on federal Stafford loans after they rose to 6.8% on July 1st. The Senate passed this legislation last week and it now heads to President Obama’s desk for signature into law.
Jul 26, 2013 Press Release
On Wednesday, during a series of votes related to the Department of Defense Appropriations bill, H.R. 2397, Congressman Peters joined lawmakers from both ends of the political spectrum in voting ‘no’ on the Amash amendment. He voted no because he felt the amendment went too far in dismantling our intelligence community’s counterterrorism tools.