Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

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Apr 6, 2017 In The News

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Local members of Congress quickly reacted Thursday night to President Trump's decision to order U.S. Military strike against the Syrian regime in the wake of the deadly chemical attack this week.

Mar 28, 2017 In The News

Rep. Scott Peters condemned President Trump’s executive order on Tuesday rolling back the Obama-era clean Clean Power Plan, saying it was shortsighted and unlikely to bring back fossil fuel jobs.

Mar 27, 2017 In The News

Comments by Secretary of Defense James Mattis on climate change have helped give Republicans political cover to act on the issue.

Even though climate change can be politically toxic for many Republicans, linking the issue to national security and citing military leaders' acceptance of global warming is prompting more GOP lawmakers to act.

Mar 24, 2017 In The News

California Democrats cheered a last-minute decision by House Republicans Friday to cancel on a vote on legislation that would repeal and replaced Obamacare.

“This is a testament to the millions of Americans who stood up and spoke out to reject the idea that health care is a privilege and not a right,” said Sen. Kamala Harris.

Mar 17, 2017 In The News

Rep. Scott Peters said he gets really angry about once a year. And Rep. Susan Davis is, by all accounts, quite nice.

A cool head and a friendly disposition might make someone a good co-worker or a decent neighbor, but some of these San Diego Democrats’ constituents want them to take a rougher, more aggressive approach on Capitol Hill with Donald Trump is in the White House.

Mar 16, 2017 In The News

Badly needed fixes to Tijuana’s wastewater system — which recently leaked millions of gallons of raw sewage into the Pacific Ocean, fouling beaches as far north as

Mar 14, 2017 In The News

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Hundreds packed the Clairemont High School auditorium Monday night for the fourth town hall meeting held by Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA 52).

Many in attendance raised their voices about a number of topics, including immigration, President Donald Trump, but mostly health care.

“We’re speaking up for what we believe in,” said Gigi Gonzalez.

Mar 10, 2017 In The News

Following the Trump administration’s latest issuance of an executive order once again suspending the refugee resettlement program, blocking family reunification after years of separation and further endangering lives, a broad array of community members has risen up in defense of our new neighbors and their families now torn apart.

Mar 8, 2017 In The News

California Democratic Rep. Scott Peters, one of the newest members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, landed his first job out of college at U.S. EPA during the tail end of the Carter administration.