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UT - San Diego's Congressional reps weigh in on D.C. stalemate

Sep 30, 2013
In The News

Chris Nichols - The United States is just days away from a potential federal government shutdown that could close national parks, furlough thousands of civilian workers and delay paychecks for our troops.

Congress is bickering over how and whether to pay the nation's bills for the 2014 fiscal year, which starts Tuesday. A possibly even more damaging showdown looms over the country's debt ceiling in October.

U-T San Diego reached out to San Diego County's five-member Congressional delegation on Friday to ask each how Congress should resolve these ever-more-frequent crises. They were also asked how they realistically think the stalemates will conclude. All but Rep. Juan Vargas responded. Here are their answers:

"Middle class families are waiting for the House Majority to get its act together and realize that the path to ending this economic uncertainly means working with the Democrats to avoid a government shutdown. This scenario ends with bipartisanship, not ideological rigidity." Rep. Susan Davis, (D-San Diego)

"A balanced solution that averts disruptions in government services while recognizing and addressing the fact that the federal government needs to step back from Obamacare’s flawed approach, which has created confusion and forced employers to drop coverage and working hours for their employees. A solution is possible and will happen if that’s what President Obama really wants." Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista)

"I want members of Congress to put politics aside, put people first, roll up their sleeves and do their job. First and foremost, that job is to create a real budget that cuts waste yet funds government services real people depend upon; if we don’t we should not get paid. That’s why I supported the No Budget No Pay law. I’m hopeful we avoid a shutdown. But that means Speaker Boehner will have to stand up to the Tea Party, which currently holds the House hostage, and that both sides will have to agree to compromise. That’s our job; anyone not willing to work through the differences until a deal is struck doesn’t belong in Congress." Rep. Scott Peters (D-San Diego)

"Both sides want to avoid a shutdown but what happens over the next few days is near impossible to predict. Obamacare is a strain on businesses and families, so with implementation days away and so much uncertainty still, however things proceed will not take away from the importance of repealing the law in its entirety." Rep. Duncan Hunter (D-Alpine)