Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

Government Reform

Scott’s Plan to Fix Congress Now


Make Congress Work: Institute 5-Day Congressional work weeks; require floor vote within 60 days on all bills passed in committee; enforce No Budget, No Pay; Reform the Debt Ceiling process to end government shutdowns and protect America’s credit

Improve our Elections: Require “dark money” SuperPACs disclose campaign contributions above $200; increase voter protections nationwide; make Vote-by-Mail available nationwide; Repeal Citizens United to limit the influence of money in politics

Removing Inefficiency and Government Waste: Enact biennial budgeting process; don’t duplicate but consolidate programs to save money; improve federal purchasing to Buy Smarter and Save

Ensure Ethical Standards: Annual Ethics and Sexual Harassment training for Members and staff; Ban lobbyists from the House Floor; No purchasing First-Class air travel on Taxpayer dime

Increase Transparency & Openness: Require Members to disclose personal crop insurance subsidies; Increase public disclosure of Congressional trips; Require Congress to  increase awareness of services available to constituents and require outside vendors disclose when Congress can provide services for free

Make Government Green: Increase energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in federal buildings; Cut down on paper waste by requiring opt-in to receive government publications; Improve energy sustainability programs in the military.


More information on making congress work here

More information on improving our elections here

More information on removing inefficiency and government waste here

More information on ensuring ethical standards here

More information on increasing transparency and openness here

More information on making government green here

Scott Peters and the “New Democrats” Take Aim at the Warren Wing of the Party

Jim Miller - This week a “right to work” bill that will gut the union movement in Wisconsin is likely to hit Governor Scott Walker’s desk and no doubt he will sign it.

While there is much discussion in Democratic circles of how Walker is doing this to position himself even more solidly on the right to please potential Republican primary voters, there is much less discussion about how this latest assault on workers’ rights helps speed the runaway train heading toward plutocracy that is the United States.

Obamacare’s most unfair tax

UT Editorial Board - Among the many flaws in the federal Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, this is among the worst: the medical device tax that unfairly penalizes companies such as the 240 medical device companies in the San Diego region that employ thousands of people in good-paying jobs.

This tax is an excise tax, which is usually imposed by the government on products it wants to discourage, such as alcohol and cigarettes. In the case of the medical device tax, it is intended simply as a money generator to help finance Obamacare.

Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration hustle

On February 25, President Obama announced the White House would be “as aggressive as we can” in giving temporary resident status to 4 million undocumented people in the US. If you’ve been in the country for five years or more, have kids who are legal residents, and if you can pass a criminal background check, you are the kind of immigrant the President wants to keep around.

Ambassador Froman and Congressman Peters Underscore California’s Record-Breaking Exports and President Obama’s Trade Agenda

San Diego, CA – U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman, the chief United States official on international trade, came to San Diego Tuesday to highlight California as a national model for why President’ Obama’s historic trade agenda is central to his State of the Union theme of Middle Class Economics: because exports and trade unlock economic opportunity for Americans. 

San Diego Free Press - Why Not a Youth Party?

Bob Dorn - Why not? Call it what you want – Broke, Busted, and Disgusted might be good, or The Undead, or The Disillusioned Party– but a party dedicated to the economic and social interests of the young might brighten life and raise the hopes of the 40% to 45% of us who lately haven’t had a reason to vote.

We need that young party because the other two don’t work anymore. One of them is widely known as “the party of no” and the other one could as easily be called, “I’ll get back to you on that.”

House lawmakers are giving another push to legislation that went nowhere in the last Congress: a bill to restore the landmark 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Why would the US announce a challenge to illegal trade practices by China less than 24 hours after the two countries’ presidents shared a rare phone call to discuss their nations’ relations?

That timing, and the relatively small size of the subsidies in question—$1 billion over three years—suggests that the US bringing this case before the World Trade Organization is largely intended to send a message to a domestic audience: We’re tough on trade violations, and you can count on us to enforce the rules.