Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

Government Reform

Scott’s Plan to Fix Congress Now


Make Congress Work: Institute 5-Day Congressional work weeks; require floor vote within 60 days on all bills passed in committee; enforce No Budget, No Pay; Reform the Debt Ceiling process to end government shutdowns and protect America’s credit

Improve our Elections: Require “dark money” SuperPACs disclose campaign contributions above $200; increase voter protections nationwide; make Vote-by-Mail available nationwide; Repeal Citizens United to limit the influence of money in politics

Removing Inefficiency and Government Waste: Enact biennial budgeting process; don’t duplicate but consolidate programs to save money; improve federal purchasing to Buy Smarter and Save

Ensure Ethical Standards: Annual Ethics and Sexual Harassment training for Members and staff; Ban lobbyists from the House Floor; No purchasing First-Class air travel on Taxpayer dime

Increase Transparency & Openness: Require Members to disclose personal crop insurance subsidies; Increase public disclosure of Congressional trips; Require Congress to  increase awareness of services available to constituents and require outside vendors disclose when Congress can provide services for free

Make Government Green: Increase energy efficiency and renewable energy programs in federal buildings; Cut down on paper waste by requiring opt-in to receive government publications; Improve energy sustainability programs in the military.


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Rep. Peters Calls for Keeping Families Together, Focus on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) stood up for sensible immigration reform and against the deportation of undocumented immigrants that have children born in the United States. Rep. Peters opposed an anti-immigrant measure that would seek to undo the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) program. Earlier this month, Peters registered his support of DAPA with the Supreme Court in the case of United States v. Texas.

Rep. Peters Urges Congress to Get Back to Work during First Executive Overreach Task Force Hearing

Yesterday, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) took part in the first hearing of the House Judiciary Committee’s Task Force on Executive Overreach. The Task Force, made up of 12 Republicans and 8 Democrats from the Judiciary Committee, was created by House Republican Leadership to critique the overuse of executive authority. The hearing featured testimony from conservative political scholars as well as attacks on executive actions in many areas where Congress has failed to pass legislation of its own.

Rep. Peters Visits Flint, Michigan during Ongoing Water Crisis

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) visited Flint, Michigan with Rep. Dan Kildee and other Congressmembers to meet with residents and local business owners affected by the city’s ongoing water crisis. Rep. Peters, who spent much of his childhood in the Detroit suburb of Southfield, was also briefed by Dr. Lurie of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about federal response efforts and the resources still needed to address the crisis. Before entering public service, Rep.

Rep. Peters Helps Pass Bipartisan Spending Bill to Boost Investments Critical to San Diego & National Security

Today, U.S. Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52) helped pass a federal spending plan that boosts investment in areas critical to the San Diego priorities Peters has fought for since being elected to Congress. It increases investment in science, provides tax credits and incentives for private sector investment in clean energy, and responsibly funds wildfire prevention.

Rep. Scott Peters Votes for Much Needed Long-Term Transportation and Infrastructure Bill

Scott Peters helped pass the first comprehensive federal transportation planning bill since 2009. The bill makes investments in infrastructure including highways, transit programs, and roadway safety and makes significant streamlining reforms to the current environmental review system that is often duplicative and overly burdensome.

Rep. Peters Helps Pass Bill to Maximize Communications Following a Terrorist Attack

The legislation reduces inefficiencies at the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Network of Fusion Centers, which serve as information coordination points for local, state, and federal governments in preventing, protecting against and responding to terrorism. There are five Fusion Centers in California including the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center.

Rep. Scott Peters’ Statement on Authorization of Job-Creating Export-Import Bank

“The Ex-Im Bank is one of the best ways to grow the economy, create jobs here in the United States, and ship products to markets across the world with a ‘Made-in-America’ sticker attached,” Rep. Peters said. “Since 2007, 43 companies in San Diego, including 25 small businesses, have exported $3 billion worth of goods with the help of the Ex-Im Bank.”

Rep. Peters Introduces Bills to Reform Dangerous Debt Ceiling Games, Protect American Economic Recovery

Congressman Peters introduced his two-part legislative package that will end the consistent fiscal brinksmanship that has jeopardized our continued economic growth. The first bill, H.R. 3774, the “Protect America’s Credit Act,” would prevent the unnecessary uncertainty that Congress causes the economy by threatening not to pay America’s bills. The second, H.R. 3775, the “Pay Down the Debt Act,” would reduce the national debt by requiring legislators, regardless of political party or rank, to cut the debt if it is rising as a share of the economy.

Rep. Peters, Former SD Mayor/Police Chief Jerry Sanders Rally with San Diego Parents to Call for Action on Gun Violence

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and U.S. Congressman Scott Peters today toured fire damaged areas in San Diego, received a briefing on current fire conditions and continued their calls to reform the way the federal government funds wildfire suppression efforts. The two also highlighted the growing threat of catastrophic wildfires in drought-stricken areas of the West.