Since 2013


Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

H.R. 4926/S. 2352 (115th) — American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act of 2018 (Blumenauer)

Ways and Means; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veteran’s Affairs; Energy and Commerce; Education and the Workforce
Co-Sponsors: 1 – 1 Democrat

This bill sets a fee starting at $50 per metric ton of emissions in 2019 to increase annually by two percent on carbon-based fuels, including coal, petroleum products, and natural gas; fluorinated greenhouse gases; emissions of any greenhouse gas from any greenhouse gas emissions source; and associated emissions (attributable to venting, flaring, and leakage across the supply chain). The bill also allows a new carbon fee offset tax credit for the lesser of: 6.2percent percent of earned income, or $800.

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