Since 2013


Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

H.R. 4126 (115th) — Transparency in Energy Production Act of 2017 (Lowenthal)

Natural Resources
Co-Sponsors: 6–3 Democrats, 3 Republicans

This bill requires the Department of the Interior to publicly disclose the amount of fossil fuel and renewable energy production on public lands. They would measure fossil fuel production by using the 20-year and 100-year Global Warming Potential-weighted emission values. Renewable energy would be measured by comparing fossil fuel-generated emissions resulting from the same amount of energy. For this bill to be successfully implemented, the Department of the Interior should also promote regulations to ensure the accurate measurement and reporting of this data.

This bill addresses Green New Deal goal 4(B)p.11 to ensure the federal government considers the impact of emissions in policy change.
This bill addresses Green Real Deal goal 2(I)p.5 to establish a framework for tracking emissions.