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Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

H.R. 4143 (116th) – Super Pollutants Act of 2019 (Peters)

Energy and Commerce
Co-sponsors: 13 – 10 Democrats, 3 Republicans

Encourages the federal government to coordinate and optimize existing efforts to mitigate three of the most potent types of short-lived climate pollutants in the U.S. and abroad: methane, black carbon, and HFCs. The bill does this by supporting U.S-led efforts to deploy proven technologies, mitigation activities, and emission reduction strategies. Most significantly, the bill strengthens standards for global methane emissions, codifies EPA methane emission standards for new sources of methane, and regulates emissions at existing oil and gas operations if voluntary industry efforts do not decrease methane emissions by 40 percent below 2012 levels by the end of 2025. If enacted, the Super Pollutants Act of 2019 will demonstrate U.S. leadership by: significantly curbing the release of methane from oil and gas sites in the U.S.; developing the strategy to lead the International Maritime Organization’s efforts to reduce black carbon emissions from the world’s shipping industry; accelerating technological innovation away from HFCs and expanding access to innovative climate-mitigating technologies.
(Summary from Peters press release)

This bill addresses Green New Deal goal 2(M)p.10 to identify other emissions and remove them.
This bill addresses Green Real Deal goal 2(I)p.5 to establish a framework for tracking emissions.

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