Since 2013


Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

H.R. 2711 (116th) – Methane Waste Prevention Act (DeGette)

Natural Resources; Energy and Commerce
Co-sponsors: 5 Democrats

This bill requires the Secretary of the Interior to issue regulations to reduce and prevent gas waste and to enhance gas measuring and reporting, to codify a final rule of the Environmental Protection Agency regarding certain emission standards for the oil and natural gas sector, and for other purposes. It would require oil and gas producers to capture 85% of all gas produced on public lands within three years of enactment, and 99% of all gas produced on such lands within five years of enactment. The legislation would also ban the venting of any natural gas on public lands, and prohibit methane flaring at any new wells established two years after the bill is passed.
(Summarized from DeGette press release)

This bill addresses Green New Deal goal 2(M)p.10 to identify other emissions and remove them.
This bill addresses Green Real Deal goal 2(A)p.4 to reduce emissions.

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