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Congressman Scott Peters

Representing the 52nd District of California

Reduce Transportation Emissions

The transportation sector is the U.S. economy’s largest source of GHG emissions, accounting for about 29 percent of the total U.S. emissions. Options for aggressively reducing GHG emissions include using alternative fuels, such as biofuels and hydrogen, improving fuel efficiency, and modernizing the grid for electric cars.

H.R. 2042 (116th) — Electric CARS Act of 2019 (Welch)

Ways and Means
Co-Sponsors: 9–9 Democrats

The bill extends the electric vehicle tax credit for 10 years, eliminates the per manufacturer cap of 200,000 vehicles, and provides a 10-year extension of tax credits to incentivize deployment of critical alternative fuel charging infrastructure. It also enhances consumer choice by allowing consumers to take advantage of the tax credit for the next 10 years or apply the credit at the point of sale.

H.R. 1768 (116th) — Diesel Emissions Reduction Act to Reduce Emissions & Promote Clean Air (Matsui)

Energy and Commerce
Co-Sponsors:  3 – 1 Democrats, 2 Republicans

This bill reauthorizes subtitle G of title VII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which relates to diesel emissions reduction and enables upgrades to the millions of diesel engines on our waterways, rails, and roadways, with the goal of improving air quality and living conditions for our communities.
(Summary from Matsui press release)