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Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss Workbooks (Personal and Business)

The IRS has recently provided some easy to use guides for you, your family, and your business in the event of a loss due to Natural Disaster, Casualty, or Theft.  These guides include important definitions, schedules and forms.  Below are links to IRS information on what constitutes any of these unexpected events, and the steps one can take for relief in their time of recovery:


What does the IRS mean when it says Casualty, Disaster or Theft?

IRS Publication 547 (


What do I own and how much is it worth?

IRS Publication 584 (


How do I calculate deductible losses on my Federal Income Tax return?

IRS Form 4684 (


Aqui está la información en Español:

IRS Publicación 547:

IRS Publicación 584:


For Businesses:

IRS Publication 584-B: